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Vol. 1 No. 12 (2021): Journal Eduvest - Journal of Universal Studies

Published: 2021-12-20

The Use of Misis-Prety Application (Mindfulness Spiritual of Islam for Prenatal Anxiety) Toward Childbirth Anxiety in Covid-19 Pandemic

View: 41 1579-1588

Childfree Problems And Their Solutions From An Islamic Perspective

View: 106 1.389 - 1.396

Criminal Liability For Placement Actors Illegal Female Labor

View: 14 1.397 - 1.404

Analysis Of Science Process Skills In Hands On Activity In Application Of The Pode Model In Elementary School

View: 28 1.405 - 1.417

Insurance Perspective of Yusuf Qardhawi and Abdul Wahab Khalaf

View: 87 1.418 - 1.427

The Analysis Of Marketing Mix Strategy Of Wood Processing In Increasing The Salling Margin

View: 83 1.428 - 1.442

Wild Grazing Of Beef Cattle In The Buffer Village Of SPTN Region II Sumberwaru Baluran National Park

View: 35 1.443 - 1.450

The Role Of Parents In Learning Local Culture Of Little Gamelan In Early Childhood

View: 22 1.466 - 1.472

The Effect Of Wound Care With Palm Sugar On Diabetic Ulcer Repairing In Type 2 Diabetes Patients

View: 50 1.473 - 1.477

Evaluation Of Risk Management Maturity Of A Fintech Firm In Indonesia

View: 76 1.478 - 1.487

Flashcard Games As A Learning Tool : Internalizing The Practical Values Of Pancasila

View: 15 1.488 - 1.498

Tourism Assets Management Strategy In Rote Ndao District – Nusa Tenggara Timur

View: 27 1.499 - 1.506

Income Analysis And Optimization Of Cow Livestock Development In Supporting The Livestock Development Program In Kupang Regency

View: 23 1.507 - 1.520

Analysis Of The Synergy Development Of The Creative Economy And Tourism Sector Of East Sumba Regency

View: 8 1.521 - 1.532

Waste Management Strategy Through Community Participation In Realizing Good Governance In Kupang City

View: 18 1.533 - 1.543

Accounting Information Systems For Financial Management In Religious Non-Profit Organizations Of The Church

View: 21 1.544 - 1.555

Financial Accountability Dimensions Of Islamic Values At Al Washliyah Higher SCHO

View: 28 1.556 - 1.563

The Effectiveness Of Internal Control And The Implementation Of Governance And Its Impact On The Performance Of Regional Head

View: 26 1.564 - 1.572

Implementation Analysis Of Isak 35 In Financial Reporting Of The Gmit Church In Indonesia

View: 34 1.573 - 1.578
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