Extramarital Daughter's Abuse to Biological Father During Ijab-Qabul In Order to Cover Up Family Disgrace


  • Cut Hudzaifah Najwa Azalea Dzahin STDI Imam Syafii Jember, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Yogi Galih Permana STDI Imam Syafii Jember, Indonesia




Marriage; Nasab; Adultery; Islamic family.


This study examines the problem of sexually abstaining girls born out of wedlock to their biological fathers in the ijab-qabul contract in order to protect family disgrace. Clerics agree that a daughter born out of wedlock, then she is given to her mother, not her father biologically. However, what about in the pronunciation of ijab-qabul? Do girls still have to be given to their mothers? Then, if that happens wouldn't it be a container for dismantling family disgrace? So, this journal was written to find a definitive answer to the unrest experienced by children who were "victims" of their parents' dark past. This research is a library research study with a quantitative method approach. From the aforesaid description it can be concluded that the daughter is not to her biological mother has a very large mashlahah here. The syar'i proposition that forbids to speak to other than his father is a general prohibition under absolute conditions