Effect of Bottle Neck On Speed (Road N Waena – Abepura City Jayapura)


  • Bahtiar Bahtiar Universitas Cenderawasih, Indonesia




Jayapura, bottle neck on speed


The characteristics of traffic flow are divided into 3 parts, namely volume (flow), speed (speed), and density (density) where the three have a fundamental relationship that is used as a guide to determine the mathematical value of road capacity for ideal conditions. By using the relationship between volume, speed, and traffic density, it can be seen the results of the flow and speed on the road section if congestion occurs. The location is on the Abepura – Sentani highway where on this road there is a phenomenon of narrowing of the road lane which is right in front of JNE Padang Bulan. There are 2 types of roads in the study location, namely 4 lanes 2 directions and 2 lanes 2 directions. A model of the relationship between speed and distance before and after the bottle neck point was obtained at the study location, namely on the Waena - Abepuea road section, Jayapura City in three conditions