Implementation Of A Multi-Airport System For Airports In The New Capital City Of Indonesia


  • Adi Nugroho PT Varuna Tirta Prakasya (Persero), Universitas Pancasila
  • Bayu Arsan PT Angkasa Pura I, Universitas Indonesia
  • Zannah Astaria Dhika PT Angkasa Pura II, Universitas Padjadjaran



Multi-airport systems; Airports; National Capital City; Capital City of Indonesia


The development plan for the Capital City of Indonesia on Kalimantan Island requires support from various aspects, such as the economy, government, and transportation. Recognizing the potential for economic and trade development accompanied by the heavy traffic in the IKN area, it needs to be in line with adequate accessibility. The existing airports on Kalimantan Island, especially in East Kalimantan, have the potential to meet the demands of the community in the future. This paper aims to analyze the possibility of existing airports around the new Capital City of Indonesia (IKN) area to be used as a Multi-Airports System to support the successful transfer of Capital City of Indonesia.