Living Quran Study (a New Approach in the Development of Quranic Tafsir)


  • Muhammad Esa Prasastia A Sunan Ampel State Islamic University



Living Quran, Al-Qur’an ,Quranic Tafsir


This study aims to describe the meaning of the living Quran
and understand how the history of the emergence of living
Quran studies in society and the advantages and
disadvantages of living Quran studies. This study uses a
library research method that refers to available sources
both online and offline such as: scientific journals, books
and news sourced from sources Trusted. This data was
obtained through triangulation techniques. The data were
analyzed and then conclusions were drawn. The results of
this study are this kind of study will be more appreciative of
the response and behavior of the community towards the
presence of the Qur'an, so that the interpretation is no
longer only elitist, but emancipatory that invites public
participation. The phenomenological, sociological,
anthropological and analytical approaches of the socialhumanities sciences as well as several other disciplines, of
course, are very supportive factors in this study.
Furthermore, the Living Quran can also be used for the
benefit of da'wah and community empowerment, so that
they are more optimal in appreciating the Koran.



2021-11-09 — Updated on 2021-11-09