Experience of Nursing Students In Learning Basic Clinical Practices: A Phenomenological Study


  • Reyner Daven Sihotang Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Lyna MN Hutapea Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia




Nursing student; clinical practies


Clinical learning is best given serious attention and good preparation. Such attention and preparation is needed because clinical learning provides opportunities for students to work with clients and learn real problems. This research uses a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach that focuses on the learning experience of Nursing Students of Universitas Advent Indonesia. The selection of this phenomenological approach is used because the method focuses on perceived experiences. Data analysis using phenomenological procedures according to Colaizzi. Researchers found thirteen themes of experience, namely the experience of students in undergoing Clinical Practice Learning at RSA, Detailed explanation of experiences when following clinical practice, feelings during practice at RSA,  positive aspects felt, problems or obstacles that arise, Causes of problems that occur, Efforts made to overcome these problems, Relationships with fellow students during practice in Clinic. The experience of learning through practice in clinics and hospitals is very important for nurses. Practice supported by good theories will produce nurses who are critical, dexterous, and have a sincere heart to serve patients everywhere. With the experience of martial arts also students will gain the skills needed to treat patients